TEDxDorking talks


TEDxDorking See Here!

For the 28th October we transformed the MVDC council chamber into a TV studio, and the whole day of TEDxDorking  – all three sessions – were filmed in HD and live streamed over the web, where they had over 1200 views.

All of the TEDxDorking talks have been posted here in the order they were seen on the day, so you can live the whole experience as if you were there.

Session One started after breakfast, and took place between 10:15am – 12:00pm

  1. Ackroyd & Harvey  Artists of international renown  BETWEEN BOTANY AND BEAST 
  2. Dr Elaine Hickmott  Industrial chemist and business alchemist NURTURING OUR KNOWLEDGE ENGINE
  3. Ponciano Almeida with Dr Beatrice Allegranti RENEGOTIATING BODY POLITICS THROUGH CAPOEIRA Ponciano : Capoeira Master; dancer, choreographer and teacher   Beatrice : dance movement psychotherapist, capoeira teacher, feminist researcher and educator
  4. TED Talk: Magda Sayeg: How yarn bombing grew into a worldwide movement
  5. Dorking’s Guerilla Knitters Subversive enhancers of our streetscape THE UNDERCOVER GUERILLA KNITTERS OF CORKING DORKING

Session two started after lunch, and took place between 1:00pm – 2:30pm  

  1. Lottie Child Educator and Artist WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT SCHOOL?
  2. Neil Phillipson Astronomer, rocket scientist and builder of observatories CREATING COMMUNITIES WITH PURPOSE
  3. Hannah-Rose Tristram Choir Leader, Musician, Composer, Performer, LGBTQ activist                                                                     GOOD VIBRATIONS – THE RESTORATIVE POWER OF GROUP SINGING  
  4. TED Talk: Anand Varma: The first 21 days of a bee’s life
  5. Paul Cleaver Beekeeper VARROA DESTRUCTOR; A DIFFERENT VIEW    

Session Three  started after tea, and took place between 3:00pm – 4:15pm 

  1. Danesh Amin Student, businessman and Master Chocolatier NEVER TOO YOUNG TO BE SURE
  2. Nick Elias Multi-award winning young architect ARCHITECTURE AS AN EMOTIVE DEVICE
  3. Ahmad Al-Rashid UNICEF worker, Postgraduate student and authentic voice for Syrian refugees OUR JOURNEY TO SAFETY